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Court Clerk Statement in retaining Steven A. Alexander

Court Clerk Statement when retaining Steven A. Alexander in a civil case: "From where I sit, I see a lot of attorneys coming in and going out every day. I can tell who has their stuff together and who has no clue. There are only 3 lawyers I'd personally hire and you're one of them". 

One DA gossip to another DA about Steven A. Alexander

Don't let his polite and quiet demeanor fool you. He will tear your heart out in front of the jury.

"I'm still amazed as to how you did it. You saved me from 16 years of State Prison. I'll never be able to thank you enough". Jesus Vasquez 14WF4300, after Not Guilty verdicts in 2 counts of Rape & Robbery.


Saved from 16 years of prison as a "sex offender" and sent straight home the same day the verdicts were read. If you could only read the police reports, view 132 nasty photographs, examine the mountain of evidence against him, as well as listen to the alleged victim and independent witness testify, you would realize the great advocacy that was required to persuade an ultra-conservative Orange County judge and jury to acquit him.

Juror comment after Not Guilty Verdicts in a Sex case

"If I ever get into trouble, you're it". Juror #8

Running over victim causing 8 Broken Ribs while Drunk with .22 BAC

"Your client was guilty as hell. We found her not guilty solely based on your lawyering skills". Juror email after trial in felony DUI and Hit & Run, People v. Amanda Castillo 14NF4466

"I watched as you dismantled my case before my very eyes and I couldn't help but realize that you were going to beat me. Great lawyering", email from OC Deputy District Attorney Christine Johnston, in a sex case.

"Hire him. He's a real snake". Judge Bill Monroe to his familymember

"I don't know how you pull off these stunts. It seems the more evidence they have the easier you beat them". Court-certified interpreter text message after Not Guilty Verdict on Rape case.

"En pocas palabras, salvaste a mi vida" (Translation: "In a few words, you saved my life")  Client note sent to office 01/2014

"I now understand the yelling and emails at 1 a.m.", Client email after $100,000.00 settlement. 11/2013

I hired you as my lawyer, I ended up with a friend for life. (Thank You card sent by J. Ruiz 10/2013)

You saved my life. I had said goodbye to my wife and kids, in anticipation of going to prison. I still don't know how you did it. (Thank You email sent by J.G. 9/2013) 

Great lawyer, helped me a lot, filed my bankruptcy in 2 days, stopped the foreclosure of my house and made all the creditors go away in a heartbeat. 10/28/10

He saved my life. He knows his stuff. I love him J.P. 6/10/10

Excellent lawyer but with a high price tag. I could have hired somebody cheaper but slept better at night with him on my side. Amazingly intelligent. PPT 1/13/10

I called and he took my call and quickly advised me of who I should be talking to and the type of law it is. That was refreshing to be directed for FREE rather than the run-around! 11/12/09

Didn't ask me out on a date like the other 3 lawyers I consulted. Very professional and effective. 5/15/09

Very good, very smart, very expensive. He knows he is good, loves what he does. Highly recommend him, worth the price tag. 4/11/08

Love him. He helped me out a lot in a big problem that I had. very good lawyer 12/31/07

Watched him in trial for 2 days, simply brilliant. Would not hesitate to hire him if my liberty was on the line. JF 07/02/2007

Mr. Alexander is the best lawyer I hired for my civil case. He was not only professional and courteous, but also very knowledgeable in handling my matter. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a great and outstanding lawyer. 06/18/2007

He's a pitbull. Will fight to the very end. very smart very sharp (good looking too and that's a bonus) :)06/16/2007

Helped me out beyond my expectations. Extremely intelligent, very good lawyer. I found him from this site. Thanks for the referral. I'll keep him for life. NSS05/13/

Steven A. Alexander represented me in a criminal case where a public defender had recommended that I accept a guilty plea and do one year in jail. Steve took me to trial and got me a not guilty verdict. Very smart, very organzied, very sharp, and not cheap. But you get what you pay for. 10/15/2006

This guy is great. He made sure to cover all the bases when he took care of my case. I would recommend him to anyone. He knows the law and is very quick. He brought up issues regarding my case that no other attorney even considered and that is why I hired him! I will use him again if anything else comes up. pky. 08/21/2006

"I've got you on speed dial if I ever get into trouble". DEA agent assigned to investigation of a client.

Steve is a very good attorney. Works hard on his cases and knows the law. Has won many trials and obtained not guilty verdicts for his clients. I recommend him. 07/26/

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