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Court Clerk Statement in retaining Steven A. Alexander

"From where I sit, I see a lot of attorneys coming in and going out every day. I can tell who has their stuff together and who has no clue. There are only 3 lawyers I'd personally hire and you're one of them"


  • "You mean I'm not going to prison?" Client question after multiple Not Guilty Verdicts were read in an Assault with a Deadly Weapon case. May 2023

  • "Your client was guilty as hell. We found her not guilty solely based on your lawyering skills". Juror email after trial in felony DUI and Hit & Run, People v. Amanda Castillo 14NF4466

  • "I watched as you dismantled my case before my very eyes and I couldn't help but realize that you were going to beat me. Great lawyering", email from OC Deputy District Attorney Christine Johnston, in a sex case.

  • "Hire him. He's a real snake". Judge Bill Monroe to his family member

  • "I don't know how you pull off these stunts. It seems the more evidence they have the easier you beat them". Court-certified interpreter text message after Not Guilty Verdict on Rape case.

  • "En pocas palabras, salvaste a mi vida" (Translation: "In a few words, you saved my life") Client note sent to office 01/2014

  • "I now understand the yelling and emails at 1 a.m.", Client email after $100,000.00 settlement. 11/2013

  • “I hired you as my lawyer, I ended up with a friend for life.” (Thank You card sent by J. Ruiz 10/2013)

  • “You saved my life. I had said goodbye to my wife and kids, in anticipation of going to prison. I still don't know how you did it.” (Thank You email sent by J.G. 9/2013) 

  • “Great lawyer, helped me a lot, filed my bankruptcy in 2 days, stopped the foreclosure of my house and made all the creditors go away in a heartbeat.” 10/28/10 

  • “He saved my life. He knows his stuff. I love him J.P.” 6/10/10 

  • “Excellent lawyer but with a high price tag. I could have hired somebody cheaper but slept better at night with him on my side. Amazingly intelligent.” PPT 1/13/10

  • “I called and he took my call and quickly advised me of who I should be talking to and the type of law it is. That was refreshing to be directed for FREE rather than the run-around!” 11/12/09

  • “Didn't ask me out on a date like the other 3 lawyers I consulted. Very professional and effective.“ 5/15/09

  • “Very good, very smart, very expensive. He knows he is good, loves what he does. Highly recommend him, worth the price tag.” 4/11/08

  • “Love him. He helped me out a lot in a big problem that I had. very good lawyer” 12/31/07

  • “Watched him in trial for 2 days, simply brilliant. Would not hesitate to hire him if my liberty was on the line.” JF 07/02/2007

  • “Mr. Alexander is the best lawyer I hired for my civil case. He was not only professional and courteous, but also very knowledgeable in handling my matter. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a great and outstanding lawyer.”  06/18/2007

  • “He's a pitbull. Will fight to the very end. very smart very sharp (good looking too and that's a bonus) :)” 06/16/2007

  • “Helped me out beyond my expectations. Extremely intelligent, very good lawyer. I found him from this site. Thanks for the referral. I'll keep him for life.” NSS 05/13/2007

  • “Steven A. Alexander represented me in a criminal case where a public defender had recommended that I accept a guilty plea and do one year in jail. Steve took me to trial and got me a not guilty verdict. Very smart, very organzied, very sharp, and not cheap. But you get what you pay for.” 10/15/2006 

  • “This guy is great. He made sure to cover all the bases when he took care of my case. I would recommend him to anyone. He knows the law and is very quick. He brought up issues regarding my case that no other attorney even considered and that is why I hired him! I will use him again if anything else comes up.” pky. 08/21/2006

  • "I've got you on speed dial if I ever get into trouble". DEA agent assigned to investigation of a client.”

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