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About Me


Steven A. Alexander

Attorney at Law

Steven A. Alexander is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer who is committed to fighting for justice on behalf of his clients. With over 25 years of experience in the legal profession, he has successfully handled thousands of complex civil and criminal matters, including serious felonies and misdemeanors.

Mr. Alexander obtained his B.A. degree from California State University, Fullerton, with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in English. He then attended Western State University College of Law, where he received his Juris Doctor degree in 1995. During law school, he was the two-time recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award in the areas of Evidence and Remedies.

In addition to his impressive academic credentials, Mr. Alexander is a multilingual individual who fluently speaks four languages. He is also a highly accomplished chess player who has been playing the game since the age of 5 and plays at master level.

Throughout his career, Mr. Alexander has earned a reputation as a fierce and dedicated warrior for justice. He has successfully tried over 250 civil and criminal cases in several counties throughout California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Fresno, Kern, Tulare, San Diego, and Ventura. His tenacity, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to his clients have earned him the admiration and respect of his colleagues and clients alike.


Mr. Alexander's passion and dedication to his work extends beyond the courtroom. He is deeply committed to fighting for the rights of the oppressed, vindicating the underdog, and freeing the innocent. He believes that every individual deserves the right to a fair trial and will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients receive the best possible outcome in their case.


If you are in need of a highly skilled and passionate lawyer who will fight for your rights. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. We can get you justice.


"My greatest passion in life is helping the oppressed, vindicating the underdog, fighting battles for the weak and freeing the innocent. I have rescued people from the jaws of misery and disaster. I will fight for your life as if it were my own life."

With offices in Orange and Fresno Counties, and over 25 years of unparalleled experience, I provide aggressive and relentless representation in all areas of law, concentrating in Criminal and Civil Defense, Employment and Bankruptcy Cases. I approach my cases with surgical precision, tirelessly spend endless hours creating unique and intelligent solutions to your problem, and compulsively obsess over every minute detail, realizing that my clients hire me because they expect and deserve the very best. In my quest to vindicate you, I leave no stone unturned, knowing that no one wins jury trials with sheer luck or without hard work. I am not afraid of anyone or any entity and I will zealously fight for you, as I have for over 5,000 other clients. After fully reviewing your case, I will devise a bulletproof game-plan, methodically analyzing every option, weighing every possibility, and anticipating every move the opposition may make, like the master chess player that I am, to ensure that you prevail. I am a trial junkie and will try any case any day. 

While many attorneys claim they can represent you in any case, you are well-advised to inquire how many cases of a particular nature they have actually handled, and the final outcome of those cases. While many talk a big talk, most cringe at the thought of actually arguing your case before a Jury, making coherent arguments, cross-examining police officers and adverse witnesses, and actually standing in front of a jury to fight for your freedom. Do not be fooled by fancy lawyers sitting in shiny offices, giving you a great speech. I will give you a brutally honest assessment of your case and then you decide for yourself. Most lawyers haven't tried a case or botch a simple case during jury selection. I have held many sobbing mothers in my arms after multiple "Not Guilty Verdicts" were read. I know how high the stakes are and I know what hell the consequences can bring. Some lawyers are knowledgeable but their arrogance and style lose the jury at "Hello", while others have no clue and learn as they go at your expense, risking your life and liberty. Effective Lawyering is a Chess Game. It's not Checkers.


Client charged with Attempted Murder with Premeditation & Deliberation as well as Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Mayhem. Bail set at $250,0000 and client exposed to 25 years to life. Attempted Murder dismissed at Preliminary Hearing but then reinstated by DA at Arraignment. I then filed a successful 995 motion and got the attempted murder charge dismissed. The matter proceeded to Jury Trial with a vindictive DA whose only wish was to send client to prison for a very long time on the remaining Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Mayhem charges. Despite horrific photos of victim's injuries, 19 facial stitches and 2 adverse witnesses, client was found NOT GUILTY on all counts after a 9 day trial. Victim's credibility was simply demolished beyond repair when he took the stand. People v. Alan Barona 21NF2491, Orange County Superior Court, (Verdict 2/8/2024, Dept. C35). DA offer before Trial: 18 Years and 2 strikes. Client walked home to his parents. This marks my 9th consecutive Not Guilty verdict in 2023-2024.

Here's what a judge's clerk told me after a 30 minute merciless cross-examination of a veteran police detective in a Murder case in 2013: "I've seen a lot of cross-examinations in my time, but I've never seen a cop completely destroyed like that on the stand. That was just brutal". The cop retired the next day and never testified again.

Here's what Deputy District Attorney Cliff Paige told me after Closing Arguments in an Attempted Murder and Conspiracy to commit Murder Trial: "You were much more effective than most high-priced lawyers I've gone up against. Damn, I think you got me!!"


Here's what the Honorable Judge Lance Jensen told me after an Attempted Murder Trial in Department W9: "You are able to take the most damaging facts against your client and spin them into something beneficial to him. Every time I thought you were not getting out of this one, you developed a plausible explanation."

​Client was charged with 2 counts of attempted Rape and one count of Robbery (3 strikes) and had a prior robbery conviction and felony strike. He was facing Three Strikes and a mandatory 25 year-Life Sentence. The overwhelming evidence consisted of the complaining witness, an independent witness, semen DNA left behind by the defendant, gruesome physical injuries on the victim and numerous recorded false statements made to the police by the defendant. Believing he had a slam dunk victory, DA offered 16 years State Prison and 2 strikes and would not budge. After a 7 day trial, NOT GUILTY on all counts (convicted of misdemeanor petty theft, paid a $100 fine). Judge Menninger in Department C38: "I'm simply flabbergasted. In 28 years, I have never ever ever ever ever seen a result like this. You better go thank your lucky stars. Your attorney did the unthinkable and pulled off a miracle for you. You owe him your life. I'm speechless, I don't know what happened here. They had a rape victim and an independent witness and all of this evidence. For the jury to come back Not Guilty is incredible and unheard of". Court Bailiff: "I'm shocked. I don't know what to say". Court Interpreter after the verdict: "You are the talk of town. Everybody is in awe. I can't put together how you got a not guilty out of those terrible facts and the mountain of evidence". DA Investigator in the hallway: "I'm still in shock. I don't know how you did it". People v. Jesus Vasquez, Case#14WF4300, Orange County Superior Court (Verdict 8/25/2015)

Department W13 Court Bailiff after Not Guilty Verdict in Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Hammer) case of People v. Mario Sandoval 13CF3932: "You destroyed all of their witnesses, one by one. Even with a bloody hammer in hand, they couldn't get a conviction. That was just amazing".

Client charged with 3 Counts of Assault with Semi-Automatic Firearm, Discharge of a firearm on a case where he was initially arrested for 3 Counts of Attempted Murder, with $1,000,000.00 Bail. Found Not Guilty by Jury on all counts after highly intense 14 day Jury trial, despite Client's full confession made to 3 separate police officers. His co-defendant, represented by another lawyer, was convicted of the same charges and sent to State Prison for several years. Our Client walked home after Trial. Judge Gary Paer presided over the trial. The following is an excerpt of what Judge Paer said after trial: "Man, you've got guts. I thought you were going to tell your client to jump on the 5 year* prison offer. I didn't think you were going to pull off an "NG"(Not Guilty)."  (DA had offered 20 years and 2 strikes before trial, but reduced the offer to 5 years following a 2 day brutal cross-examination of the Lead Investigator by Steven A. Alexander). 04CF2248, People v. Jerry Guzman, Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana


Client was arrested for DUI and Hit & Run with Injuries, with a Blood alcohol of 0.22%, a videotape of her running over the victim's entire body, cracking 8 ribs, running away and pulled over a mile away. Found NOT GUILTY on all counts by Jury after a brutal 10 day trial. Deputy DA during Closing Arguments: "Mr. Alexander is a very smart attorney. He knows what he's doing. I mean, he really knows what he's doing".  Juror email after trial: "Your client was guilty as hell. We found her Not Guilty based on your lawyering skills and nothing else". People v. Amanda B. Castillo 14NF4466


Client charged with one count of Murder and one separate count of Attempted Murder, in a brazen gang shooting in broad daylight in the middle of Bristol Street in Santa Ana. One victim lost his life, while the other lost an eye and was in a coma for weeks. Client was facing the Death Penalty. After intense negotiations that spanned over a 5 year period, client pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to just 13 years, which the client gladly accepted and was released in 2018.

People v. Hector H. Martinez, Orange County Superior Court, Case # 09CF0221

Client was a gardener claiming a modest $11,000.00 in unpaid wages. Defendants and their attorneys were inexperienced, foolish and hard-headed and refused to settle, forcing the matter to a Jury Trial. The Jury awarded our client $13,500.00. After Trial, the judge awarded us an additional $122,000.00 in post-judgment attorney fees, for a total of $135,500.00. Did they do the right thing and pay that amount? No, of course not. Instead, they filed appeal after appeal, and lost. When their final appeal was rejected by the 4th District Court of Appeal, the total damage they had inflicted on themselves had added up to $365,000.00 (10% interest over 6 years and $85,500.00 more in additional attorney fees on the Appeals), for a total of $365,000.00; all on an $11,000 case. Fearing that their properties would get sold at auction, they finally came to their senses and paid the full amount in March 2020. (Dominguez v. KJS, Kerry J. Snyder,, 30-2012-00611672, Orange County Superior Court)

Clients were owners of a Motel in a rough area of Santa Ana who were sued by the City of Santa Ana for Public Nuisance and Narcotics Abatement. The City was represented by a team of inexperienced lawyers, who named over 20 police officers, Detectives and an Expert to testify against the clients in an 8 day trial. Clients' absolute liability gave the inexperienced City Attorneys misplaced confidence so they demanded over $250,000.00 in restitution, costs and expenses. Even though the facts, the law and the evidence were heavily against our clients, Steven A. Alexander convincingly and effectively picked their case apart during closing arguments, causing the Judge to issue the City a deliberately insulting award of $100 per defendant for a total of $500.00 (Instead of the $250,000.00 they were demanding). City of Santa Ana v. Sunland Motel, 30-2020-01164465-CU-MC-CJC, Orange County Superior Court.

Client was charged with Domestic Violence, Inflicting Serious Injuries and Domestic Battery. The evidence contained several horrific photos of the victim, her corroborating daughter and a 911 cry for help. To make things worse, Client also had a prior perjury conviction that he was impeached with when he took the stand. Both DA and Judge thought a guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion, and even snickered at our "self-defense" theory. Jury deliberated for less than 2 hours before returning Not Guilty verdicts on both counts. People v. Gilrey, Case # 19WM10182, Verdict: October 14, 2021. Dept. W17, West Justice Center

Client was charged with Kidnapping for Rape, Rape, Sexual Penetration, and False Imprisonment with an exposure of Life in prison, involving a full confession made by the client to detectives. Steven A. Alexander was able to convince the DA to make a no jail offer to misdemeanor sexual battery, which the client gladly accepted. When he walked out of the courthouse, Client said the following to Steven A. Alexander: "I didn't think I'd see freedom again". People v. Machadoparada, Orange County Superior Court, Harbor Justice Center, Case# 21HF1714

Client was charged with Child Abuse/Neglect when his 4 year old son was found alone, crossing a major intersection at 2 a.m. The facts of the case were horrible and a nightmare for any defense attorney: There was a videotape of the incident, Client had been heavily drinking, had lied to multiple police officers and had 4 independent witnesses against him. The case was completely lost until Closing Arguments, when Steven Alexander completely turned the Jury around with highly convincing legal arguments, surgically taking apart the DA's case piece by piece with masterfully designed PowerPoint slides. The Jury then took only 45 minutes to find the Client Not Guilty. Case # 21CM10559. Verdict 3/21/2022, Santa Ana Superior Court. People v. Kona 

Another client was charged with multiple Sex Felonies involving multiple underage victims. He was facing multiple "Life in Prison" sentences. DA's initial offer was "life". One would have to see the unsurmountable mountain of incriminating evidence to realize how humanly impossible it was to obtain an 8-year-sentence for the client. (He was released after 6 years). Deputy Public Defender Alexis Penn-Loya when she later reviewed the plea said: "Steve, how did you do that? That's simply incredible. I don't know how you pulled that off. He was facing 2 life sentences". People v. Tommy Medina, Santa Ana, Case #: 15CF2119.   

My fees are reasonable because I sit in the trenches. I do not have Valet Parking, an ocean-front office, a red Ferrari or Armani suits. If your life and liberty are on the line, select experience, know-how, raw linguistic talent and a military-style blue-collar work ethic, over a fancy but inexperienced lawyer sitting in a shiny high-rise building. Juries are unimpressed with "fancy and flash", but look for a well-prepared, well-spoken, intelligent but humble lawyer who is willing to connect with them on their level. I volunteered at a homeless shelter and delivered pizza before becoming a lawyer, and unlike most lawyers, I'm not arrogant, self-absorbed or full of myself. Jurors listen to me because I am articulate, always well-prepared and speak from the heart. I have a full staff of experienced and seasoned attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and support staff and ready to handle any size matter at any time.   

If you are charged with a crime in California, there is a high probability that the alleged crime involves victim(s) or witnesses who only speak Spanish. Spanish is not just a language, but a wide and vast culture, spoken by 427 million people from 31 different countries, each with their own sayings, slang, dialects, body-language and distinct accents. Cross-examining Spanish speakers by an attorney who is also fluent in Spanish is 20 times more effective than one who has to listen to the translation through an interpreter for the first time. I am not only fluent in Spanish but also fully familiar with the culture, its nuances, traditions and body-language. Do not hire a linguistically-challenged lawyer when your reputation, future and liberty are all on the line.

I possess a vast wealth of knowledge in the area of weapons, ballistics, self-defense tools, and most other weaponry. I have a Class III Federal Firearms' Dealer License issued by the United States Department of Justice, FFL license #07544. I fully understand guns, knives and weapons. Do not get convicted by the DA's fast-talking "Weapons Expert". I know where all the pitfalls are. I have successfully completed multiple comprehensive Forensic Science and Pathology seminars dealing with Blood spatter, cross-contaminations, cutting edge forensic technology, detecting false positives, blood and semen collections, wound channel analysis, tool mark comparisons, bullet/barrel markings and fragmentations, etc. False positive tests and contaminated lab results have placed many people on Death Row. I have unlimited access to a retired FBI lab technician with 32 years' experience, who has flagged numerous false positives, DNA misinterpretations, false fingerprint reads, and other lab errors in many of my cases. If you are charged with a weapons' violation, or other related weapons' charge(s), do not hire a lawyer who does not know the difference between a .17 HMR and a .338 Lapua. Hire a knowledgeable and well-versed lawyer with a Firearms License; one who knows and fully understands guns and weapons and our ever-changing maze of gun laws. This invaluable knowledge and expertise can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Having tried over 200 cases, trying a civil case is a breeze for me, as most civil attorneys have almost no trial experience and are terrified of going to trial. Most civil attorneys I have come across may have tried 3-4 cases in their entire career. I tried 9 jury trials in 2017 alone, 2 of them "Life Cases". I have successfully squared off against some of the nation's most prestigious and notorious law firms, as well as the District Attorneys' Offices in different Counties and either forced them to settle or single-handedly beat them at trial. In addition to my over 25 years' of experience, I have 4 veteran attorneys working for me full-time, and together, we provide you with over 150 years of combined legal experience.  

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