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With offices in Orange and Fresno Counties, and over 25 years of experience, we provide aggressive and relentless representation in all areas of law, concentrating in Criminal Defense, Employment, Civil and Bankruptcy Cases. I approach my cases with surgical precision, spend endless hours creating intelligent solutions to your unique problem, and obsess over every detail, realizing that my clients hire me because they expect and deserve the very best. In my quest to win your case, I leave no stone unturned, knowing that no one wins jury trials by luck  or without hard work and finely-tuned intuition. I am not afraid of anyone or any entity and I will zealously fight for you, as I have for over 2,000 other clients.  


Here's a list of cases I have actually tried before a jury or brought to a successful resolution:


  • Murder/Attempted Murder

  • Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Arson

  • Gang Offenses

  • Rape/Oral Copulation & All other Sex Offenses

  • Drug Offenses

  • Federal Crimes

  • All types of Assaults, deadly weapons, etc.

  • Three Strikes Law

  • Violent Crimes

  • Forgery

  • Elder Abuse

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Financial Fraud

  • DUIs, Drugs/Alcohol/Prescription

  • Theft Offenses

  • Property Crimes

  • Domestic Violence

  • Probation Violation

  • Expungements

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Warrants

  • Hit & Run

  • DMV Suspension

  • Internet Crimes




In the civil arena, I have successfully handled a multitude of cases. The following areas of law are only representative of the vast areas of my past successes. For over 25 years, hundreds of clients have placed their trust in me and have walked away highly victorious. If your enemies are knocking, let me answer the door.


  • Employee/Wage Litigation, Labor Board Defense

  • ADA Defense of businesses in accessibility & discrimination lawsuits

  • Serious Personal Injury (Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants), settled over $50,000,000.00 in cases and claims in the past 25 years

  • Dog Bites (Representing Victims and Dog Owners) 

  • Any and all civil disputes involving money, equitable, land, water, fence, neighbor, view disputes. (Saved a corporate defendant over $2,000,000.00 in a sexual harassment litigation defense involving 3 plaintiffs)

  • Landlord/Tenant (Representing Landlords and Tenants, commercial & residential) (Over 100 court trials Orange, Fresno, LA, San Diego, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties)

  • Contractor/Homeowner Litigation, Mechanic's Liens Litigation

  • Business Transactions (Representing all aspects of Business disputes, franchises, partnerships, LLC, Corporations, dissolutions) (Over 100 disputes successfully handled)

  • Complex General Civil Litigation of whatever nature

  • Professional Malpractice Defense (Legal, Medical, CPA, Broker, etc.) (Represented 3 lawyers in separate capacities, none paid any money to the opposing side)

  • Litigation involving Professional license Revocation/Suspension/Fines/Discipline (Medical, Legal, CPA, Broker, Cosmetology, Nursing, Architecture, License to carry concealed weapons CCW, Department of Education Teaching Credentials, Disciplinary Boards, etc.) (Represented Dentists, CPAs, Lawyers, Doctors & Teachers before their respective professional State Boards).

  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Successfully handled various matters including Inquiries, Investigations and Subpoenas, Represented an FBI agent in a criminal probe resulting in no charges filed

  • U.S. Department of Labor (Have appeared more than 100 times in different matters)

  • U.S. Department of Justice (over 20 Quasi-criminal hearings, Inquiries, Subpoenas to Appear, etc.)

  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Released 3 clients in DHS custody for what they later labeled an "Administrative Misunderstanding")

  • EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Filed, prosecuted and defended over 50 Grievances)

  • DFEH- Department of Fair Employment & Housing (Over 50 cases submitted)

  • California Department of Industrial Relations (Made over 250 appearances in various capacities)

  • Wrongful termination of contract employees/Human Resources Conferences (Reviewed & advised clients in over 150 cases)

  • Department of Motor Vehicles (Commercial Licenses, Fines, License Revocations, Probation, Investigations of whatever nature) (Have appeared over 50 times in various capacities on various issues in LA, Orange, Fresno, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties)

  • City Hall and other Governmental Entity Hearings

  • Homeowners' Association Hearings, successfully represented 15-20 Homeowners against their HOA

  • Any and all Administrative Hearings

  • School Board Hearings, expulsions, suspensions & replacements 

  • Asset Forfeitures & Governmental Seizures, Penal Code 1275 matters (Recovered over $5,000,000.00 in clients' assets)

  • Recoveries of Bail/Bond (Represented Agents, Bounty Hunters in both civil & criminal cases)

  • Any and all Garnishments, Levies & Seizures (Sheriff Keepers, Vehicle levies, Till taps, Bank acct freezes)

  • Creditor Actions, Fraudulent Transfer Actions

  • California State Lottery Board (Represented 4 clients whose claims were denied but miraculously paid, citing an "administrative error" after I stepped in)

  • "Please call us to discuss" letters signed by Investigators, Detectives, Social Workers, etc.

  • Insurance disputes and refusals to pay under the policy (the never-ending "under investigation" case)




In the Bankruptcy Arena, I have successfully filed and discharged well over $100,000,000.00 (Yes! $100 million) in consumer debts, offering families a fresh start, free of creditor harassment, wage garnishments, liens, judgments, repossessions, bank levies and other inconveniences, yet allowing them to keep their homes, belongings and exempt assets. I have successfully represented both debtors and creditors alike. About 10% of all bankruptcy filings are randomly audited each year. After auditing one of our Bankruptcy petitions, the auditing firm stated: "We find the entire Petition to be completely error-free and meticulously prepared. We see no reason why the debtor would not be entitled to a full discharge, and highly recommend same to the Trustee".


From the age of 17, I worked at our family-owned business for over fifteen (15) years, working 16 hour shifts, single-handedly dealing with over 120 distinct vendors, annually managing over $10,000,000.00 in merchandise, services and related affairs. I fully understand the mechanics of Retail Sales, Employee Management, Vendor Relations, Accounting, Pilferage, Community and Police Relations, Security Detail, as well as all other intricate but unknown facets which makeup a successful operation. It is backed by this solid foundation that I can confidently say: "I understand your problem and I can fix it".


  • All Consumer Debts under Chapter 7

  • Keep your Home and assets without risk and exposure to creditors

  • Fraudulent Conveyance & Transfer Actions

  • Pre-Petition Planning

  • Business Structuring and Planning

  • Loss Minimization/Mitigation

  • Lawsuit Prevention

  • Asset Bullet-proofing and Protection

  • Adversary Proceedings (Searching hidden/transferred assets)

  • Rule 2004 Exams and Discovery




I provide Arbitration, Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Services to represented parties who seek a smart solution to their disputes. Having litigated, mediated and/or resolved over 400 cases, I can provide unique, confidential and intelligent solutions to each case, at a fraction of the cost of litigation. I do not charge "set up", "Administrative" or "Initiation" fees.


I routinely provide other lawyers with sound legal and strategy advice over the handling of their cases. I have taught from simple Objections to complete Trial Strategy, Jury Selection, and Cross examinations. If you have that difficult case, I can be of assistance to you. Here's what a seasoned lawyer told me after a 1 hour consultation session with me: "For the price of a steak dinner, you saved my client over $300,000.00"

(714) 836-3636 (Orange County)

(559) 476-9124 (Fresno County)

We are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards. If there is anything we can do to assist the impaired, please send us a note or simply call the office. We are here to assist the impaired. 

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